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October 19, 2011

Spring 2012 Beauty Inspirations

What we wore wouldn't be the same without what our hair and make up look like. Those are the true essentials to every look. They determine if the style you're rocking is a 'DO' or 'DON'T'. Yes one make-up mishap or one hair out of place can pretty much ruin your whole outfit. It truly is a nightmare.
So here are the 2012 beauty looks that'll be rocking run-ways, Hollywood events, beaches and street corners!

Trend: ’60s-Inspired Cat-Eyes

 Trend: Statement Hair Color

Trend: Red Lipstick

Trend: Bangs

Trend: Artsy Appliques

Trend: Bobs

Trend: Dramatic Navy Eyes

 Trend: Retro Hairdos

Trend: Silvery Eyes

Trend: Slick Strands

Trend: Strong Brows

Trend: Voluminous Locks

Trend: Sun-Kissed Skin

Yes some of these 'trends' aren't really for me but it's all about personal taste and style. I felt like some of the looks were precisely for runway, or probably Halloween. I'm not fan of the slick strands, it feels like the 90's all over again by  just looking at them, nor the statement hair colors but maybe they can be pulled off with prettier, more exotic hairstyles and sexier colors.

However I loved the red lipstick trend and I'm really looking forward to seeing all the beautiful luminous locks you ladies are rocking! Of course summer would never be summer and spring would never be spring without that little shimmer, that sun-kissed tan we all wait for all year round.

a.s x 

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