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Edith Head

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December 7, 2012

The men who play Gods

One would think that religion was a sacred act, that those who speak in the name of religion and God would represent peace, wisdom, and tolerance.

One was taught that our souls, and our intentions were part of the sacred and beautiful relationship we each have with God.

One would think that the way we behave should speak for who we are, because actions always speak louder than words. Words can be used and abused, but actions are clear and direct.

But in today’s world, those who speak of religion the most, seem to be the most who misinterpret it. The figures you see in the streets, on television, and those who have managed to squeeze through to political posts, preaching to be the men of God; the men of peace, the men of pure honesty and goodwill, trying to dress in a way so as to make us think that this is what religion should look like; have turned out to be the pillars behind the fall of our modern day and age.

We’ve grown accustomed to seeing a person, preaching love, peace, understanding and tolerance towards others, while they’ve got a knife in their hand ready to stab anyone that dares disagree with their own beliefs. They curse and disrespect others, and they are offensive to society. They break the laws that they themselves try to put for the rest of us because they think they’re above the law, and above everyone else. They believe they are closer to God, that they are more enlightened and so therefore no rules of any country, or for that matter, of any world, should apply to them.

These men have been so infuriatingly doing their best at trying to make us all feel out of place and out of line; but they have failed greatly.

They’ve attacked who we are, they’ve attacked the harmony we live in, they want to stereotype us and separate us because they can only fight us when we are weak. Our strength will defeat them, and our beliefs in equality and tolerance, peace and a civilized world will make them think again and again before ever behaving this way, if not give up and never come back.

These men have confused themselves with God; the men who play Gods, now insult us in the streets, they’ve lied to us over and over managing to fool some of us into thinking that once they reach political power, they will bring order and peace. But with no surprise they have let us all down, and their agendas are now naked, for the world to see. 

History will write that these men have nothing to do with any religion, these men are not men of God and that no one can ever play God. They will never be allowed to judge us, they are not welcome to tell us how to live, and they are not allowed to categorize us into the faithful and the sinful. They will never ever change who we are and what we believe in.

Our religion belongs to us, our God is ours and our country can never ever be taken away from us under any circumstance no matter what mask they chose to wear.