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"You can do anything, you just have to dress for it."
Edith Head

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June 20, 2013


It seems everywhere I look these days, in advertisements, magazines, music videos, blogs and of course movies, women are depicted in clothing that makes it hard for  you to think of them in any way except physically. Yes of course you have a right to dress the way you want, we are all free to do what we please but that is not what I am here to talk about. I am here to express my outrage for the way women are being portrayed, as bodies and barely brains.

So are we being portrayed as "women" with our own intellect or "WOO-Men", pleasers of men with incredible wooing abilities.

Some might dispute that men are becoming depicted in almost the same way, maybe so, but not half as much as women are, or for nearly as long as women have been. Yes I believe that every woman who has played part in this had a right to, and was never forced to do what she did, but it really does undermine her and what she can actually do.. or perhaps it doesn't, perhaps that is how she wants to be seen and that is all she is good at, which can't be too much of a bad thing, right?

Ah, but money talks, people will go to great lengths to get rich and famous, and so for women in the lime light part of the road to success is pleasure to the pleasure seekers.

Every gigantic advertisement for big brands from D&G to Gucci, have models facing backwards to the camera doing some sort of very unpleasant and indecent pose as if imitating a rape scene.

This isn't about fashion, or at least I hope it isn't, because it all really comes down to fact that you are in control of what you do and what you wear, however you can not control what others think of it, and I hardly think you should care. I myself love expressing myself through what I wear, I do believe fashion is an essential way of self expression and no one can tame that or change it, however for one's own safety, and for the sake of dignity certain lines should not be crossed.

Now I know it seems like I'm fighting for a lost cause here, BUT I'm certainly not doing ANY fighting, if anything I am here to assert that we are all free to do as we please and in no way should the judgement of others dictate our lives. But I'm just sick of seeing women used as toys and accessories for media publicity but then again, if it's with their own consent then who am I to argue with them?

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

March 15, 2013

Last Night (Soundtrack) / Bat For Lashes - Daniel

It's Friday, and because it is so, whether or not it's the weekend already for where ever you are, or whether the weekend starts tomorrow for you, I've decided that it was only fair to start your break from all the headache you've been given all week with this work of art right here.

Bat for lashes - Daniel is a brilliant song that I first heard when I watched the movie "Last night", which by the way was an epic film. I was never a big fan of Kiera Knightley, until I saw Atonement, and then I gradually fell out of interest with her, but then I came across this piece of work, and the dialogue blew me away, along with Kiera's outstanding performance. 

Anyway, I'm not here to brag about the movie, I'm here to brag about this very song. It's timeless, it's, at most times, my own state of mind.

So please, enjoy, and have an awesome weekend!

February 14, 2013

Black is the new coffee!

So yes, I have been addicted to anything black for the past couple of months. I want to share with you some of my favorite looks from everywhere basically.

a.s x

Valentine's Day.. why not?

It's Valentine's Day and whether or not you choose to celebrate it.. the decision is completely up to you.. but let me tell you this, seeing flowers everywhere and seeing people act silly with joy, giggly and flirty and even perhaps swaying to the sound of the beat of their own thoughts about their lovers is a beautiful sight for me.

When there's so much pain going on in the world, so much anger and hate, a day like Valentine's is just a way to let all of that go if only for a moment and be able to think of something that makes your heart beat a bit quicker. Whether you hang out with friends and whine about being single, or hang out with your hubby & celebrate your moments together, or perhaps it's spending it alone on the couch watching Valentine movies on MBC Max, and maybe even dancing around your house in your PJ's just because someone smiled at you today in a way that has probably changed your life forever, whatever it is that you might be doing, this day does bring about some good thing, some nice moments, some exchanges in smiles and kind gestures, and that's got to be a good thing.

So that being said, I do believe that love is a concept, an idea, a cause, and a belief that should be remembered and celebrated in any way and every way, everyday.

Have a good day.. filled with love, and hopefully it's not just one day a year where you celebrate your love with your partner, and have a good weekend where ever you are!

a.s x