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October 18, 2011

The Hollywood Event October, 2011!

Last night inside LA's Four Season Hotel,  the Elle Women in Hollywood Tribute was held. It definitely brought out many A-list Stars to cheer on and support honorees Barbra Streisand, Jennifer Aniston, Michelle Pfeiffer, Evan Rachel Wood, Viola Davis, Naomi Watts, Elizabeth Olsen, Frieda Pinto and DreamWorks studio head Stacey Snider. 

Let's take a peek into what these hot ladies wore, what hair styles they rocked and the make-up statements they made!

Evan Rachel Wood wore a sleek black dress

Reese Witherspoon wore a feminine suit

Jennifer Aniston looked stunning in a Kaufmanfranco dress
( Her hair is gorgeous as usual, and I lover her all year round tan! I envy that!! )

Naomi Watts rocked a nude dress
( Kinda looked like a satin night gown to me. I didn't like it )

Michelle Pfeiffer in an all-black ensemble
( Is that an Alexander McQueen belt I see? I've never seen Michelle Pfeiffer with a bad hair do. I want that gold McQueen clutch! )

Nicole Richie wore a one-shoulder dress 
( I don't know what she was thinking. I've seen in her more amazing dresses before.
I like the make up but the hair not so much )

I liked Katherine Heigl's hair and make up. 
(The swept back hair look suits her.
I like the black dress, chic and it compliments her figure)

Chloe Moretz wore white to an event for women in Hollywood.
( Mmmm.. I'm not a big of this look. . ) 

Elizabeth Olsen was honored by Elle.
( I don't know if this floor lengthened gown was too flattering for her figure. And her smile scares me)

Freida Pinto in a bold beautiful necklace. 

Freida Pinto wore a sleek white dress

Camila Alves in a polka-dot dress.
( I love that red shade of lipstick on her! A lady can never go wrong with RED!)

Barbra Streisand and James Brolin at the Elle event.
( I have no comment regarding what Barbra is wearing )

Gillian Jacobs in a printed dress.

Jenna Dewan in a knee length gold cock-tail dress
( I'm not against cleavage. But when they look like they're not fitting into the same dress that's when I start to worry )

The Mummy  Rachel Zoe wore a maxi dress
( She freaks the living day light out of me. Is she 100 years old now? I'm against everything this creature does to herself. Her hair is blah, her make-up os okay, and her eye make-up makes her look scarier than her chest bones.) 

Chelsea Handler looked elegant but a bit under-dressed if you ask me.

Busy Philipps in a black sheath dress.

Ellie Kemper wore a textured black dress.

Amber Heard worked the red carpet in light pink.

You see?? Can't go wrong with RED lipstick!

Over- all some of these looked polished and elegant, but nothing raw nor fresh was seen in this event. 

I think the real star of the show was the Red lipstick that some of these ladies rocked.

a.s x

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