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"You can do anything, you just have to dress for it."
Edith Head

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December 7, 2012

The men who play Gods

One would think that religion was a sacred act, that those who speak in the name of religion and God would represent peace, wisdom, and tolerance.

One was taught that our souls, and our intentions were part of the sacred and beautiful relationship we each have with God.

One would think that the way we behave should speak for who we are, because actions always speak louder than words. Words can be used and abused, but actions are clear and direct.

But in today’s world, those who speak of religion the most, seem to be the most who misinterpret it. The figures you see in the streets, on television, and those who have managed to squeeze through to political posts, preaching to be the men of God; the men of peace, the men of pure honesty and goodwill, trying to dress in a way so as to make us think that this is what religion should look like; have turned out to be the pillars behind the fall of our modern day and age.

We’ve grown accustomed to seeing a person, preaching love, peace, understanding and tolerance towards others, while they’ve got a knife in their hand ready to stab anyone that dares disagree with their own beliefs. They curse and disrespect others, and they are offensive to society. They break the laws that they themselves try to put for the rest of us because they think they’re above the law, and above everyone else. They believe they are closer to God, that they are more enlightened and so therefore no rules of any country, or for that matter, of any world, should apply to them.

These men have been so infuriatingly doing their best at trying to make us all feel out of place and out of line; but they have failed greatly.

They’ve attacked who we are, they’ve attacked the harmony we live in, they want to stereotype us and separate us because they can only fight us when we are weak. Our strength will defeat them, and our beliefs in equality and tolerance, peace and a civilized world will make them think again and again before ever behaving this way, if not give up and never come back.

These men have confused themselves with God; the men who play Gods, now insult us in the streets, they’ve lied to us over and over managing to fool some of us into thinking that once they reach political power, they will bring order and peace. But with no surprise they have let us all down, and their agendas are now naked, for the world to see. 

History will write that these men have nothing to do with any religion, these men are not men of God and that no one can ever play God. They will never be allowed to judge us, they are not welcome to tell us how to live, and they are not allowed to categorize us into the faithful and the sinful. They will never ever change who we are and what we believe in.

Our religion belongs to us, our God is ours and our country can never ever be taken away from us under any circumstance no matter what mask they chose to wear.

November 29, 2012

Love in the time of war!

Love in the time of war

We want peace, and no matter how cliché that sounds, the people of our generation need this concept to become a reality more than ever.
It was once said “We have war when at least one of the parties to a conflict wants something more than it wants peace.”  And it seems that now so many leaders in this world want a lot of things more than they want peace.

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"Love in the time of war"

July 19, 2012

Free of me, I be.

Caged inside a world,

a bird is not flying into

the blue. But what is a cage

if it won't keep you.

In your mind, or your dreams,

the cage is still what it is and not

just what it seems.

Bruised, hurt from the trials of escape,

torn down from trying over, and over again

Wrists tangled in needs, born to die

we continue to bleed.

Those are the caged,

those are the free,

free of me, I be.

My feathers swear they will reflect

my path of hope, and in the colors

my love will elope,

away with me. Before I fade,

I repent you see

I repent for me

for the lives I have not witnessed which lived

beautifully outside the world I drew for myself

My cage was a portrait of a shadow

hung in a room of mirrors

I saw myself. . I saw the fear

crawling up into my soul

but I let go dear.

I let go dear.

My reflection taunted with

what others

saw in me.

What I saw in my eyes, changed


I repent, you see

I repent for me

Stay warm beside me,

inside of me.

Close those eyes of yours,

fly away with me.

Those are the caged, 

those are the free, 

Free of me, I be.

July 15, 2012

Down the road.

Down the road,

he had waited for me,

with a vertical step, and a

sad story.

Gloves of pain, and tears he

wore, and into the night we'd

become no more.

The need to touch and feel again

a human belief and so we live in

vain. Down the road we bleed


Wrapped in wishes, cigarettes and

dreams, come down this road

and lay with me.

A song in the background

I always hear, to keep you far,

or to have you near,

Nearer to the world we'd once drew,

The world of lust, the world of you.

You are here, but you are gone.

You speak so softly, but your words

sprinkled with thorns.

They leap off of your lips and into

my jagged heart, through to my

sinful soul,

down that same road.

a.s x

April 18, 2012

Stupid in LOVE!


Out of your mind, you’re left to wonder, over and over, about why you’re in a relationship that does you no good; a relationship that will not allow you the space to be the best version of you that you can become.  You’re stuck with a lover, whom you have become so attached to, so addicted to, that you can not see what you are or who you dream to become.

Lovers are the backbone of life, the person you fall in love with should be the person who helped you fall in love with yourself. What do we gain from relationships that cause us pain, over and over. Miserably happy, we become miserably happy. Blissfully unaware of the happier life we could lead if we just knew what our real worth was. Just because you're with a good person, it does not mean that they're good for you. Some people when together can bring out the worst in each other, while others can bring out the good and only the best in their partner. Isn’t that what you want? Someone who will recognize the best in you and shake it out of you whenever you’re in denial about how much you have to offer yourself and the world around you.

Leave broken relationships behind, take a chance on something wonderful if it makes you love yourself.  Why do I hear couples complaining about marriages like bitter fools, why are there so many jokes about how sad marriages are, how mean women become and how careless man can be. If marriage was so horrid, if serious relationships were so soul consuming, then why on earth do we put up with it? Ego issues? Are we really too proud to admit that we’ve made a mistake, that we’ve loved the wrong person, or tried too hard at something but inevitably failed? It’s okay, there’s never a thing such as a wasted love, love is never wasted, perhaps abused, but not wasted. Don’t abuse the love you can give, share it with the person who deserves it and not with the person who’s too stingy to share it with you.

It is true that when you stop loving yourself, you will stop growing. You will stop seeing and understanding your capabilities in a positive light, and what good will do that do you, or your partner. Sometimes we are pushed into relationships because of the over flow of lust, or love, or just the pure excitement of finding someone who seems to have things in common with you,  and you rush it.

Rushing a relationship into something it’s not will not save you any time, or effort. In fact the pain you will have to deal with and take in will wear you down, until you have no breath left in you to find the real love in your life. Or to even love yourself the way you deserve to be loved. Don’t be stupid in love. Don’t do that to yourself.

a.s x

February 29, 2012


New York fashion week was nothing short of spectacular, and no I'm not talking about the runway shows, I'm talking about the street fashion, which I pay more attention too than anything else. The runway shows maybe the reason as to way all the fashion elites unite in one place for one purpose, but the streets really showcase how these fashionistas really set fashion trends and get the whole world to take notes.  Black was all over the place, and mixing colors was highly appreciated and abused. From vintage to couture, these ladies look phenomenal and yet so elegant, like they just walked off of the runway.

And there you have it, my favorite looks from New York Fashion week, street style!

a.s x