I am . . .

A vintage junkie, a legendary vintage junkie, who tries her best to put all of her insane & illogical feelings & illusions into words. I am who I am.

"You can do anything, you just have to dress for it."
Edith Head

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November 29, 2011


I loved this collection by Bouchra Jarrar. I just saw it now actually. I fell in love with the colors, the texture, the lines, the chic and very professional yet feminine look in these pieces.

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November 5, 2011

Quotes from my life.

These are some of my most recent quotes.

I find beauty in a person's flaw, in their sins and weaknesses and a shadow of pain in their good deeds and regrets. - A.S

Everyday should you or should you not choose to become something real, you must choose to believe that you have that freedom of choice.- A.S

In a relationship where there grows new experiences, understanding of changing matters of the heart, lies a love that can't be bent. - A.S

There's nothing more intimate than gift of words said, words that can never be taken back, words that make up a perfect moment.- A.S

But what happens when you're lost, when you've drowned yourself into something everything else wants for u? I believe you shut the world out.- A.S

I know friends who never mention a word to me when I've accomplished something good. They only pick up the phone when I've failed. - A.S

Every time I'm away the picture becomes that much clearer. Maybe from a distance is where I'm supposed to be. - A.S

I'm defined by my originality, my rawness and my faith. What's on the outside is my tool, my particular set of skills. - A.S

Screw a society that shapes and moulds its people in the best way it can only to benefit its corrupt government and its religious beliefs.- A.S

It's not about what you've failed at. No. It's about what you've insisted to fight for over and over again, what you choose to bleed for. - AS

If we've failed to please one another it's only because there's nothing more in the love we have for each other. - A. S

I am everything I think & do. I am sinful, loathing & passionate. I am exquisite, flawed & hopeful. I am a miracle, but aren't we all. - A.S 

For this is an act done by a civilized peaceful being, an act that doesn't need to be labelled under any culture or religion. -A .S

Bitter is a word that's often used to define pain, regret and anger. I think it's what makes us ugly inside.  - A.S

Where you come from has nothing to do with who you are, I believe.- AS

Whether or not I'm good, pure evil or just a lost soul, I am who I am and my deeds should stay unjudged by anyone but God.- A.S

I never claimed I was a nice person. I said 'good' I only meant 'Good' as in ; I'd never try to push in front of u at the grocery store.- A.S

"Believe it or not, what you once were to me is something in the past." - A.S

"When you don't get me at all I feel stronger without you." - A.S

We are a Nation of change. A generation of extreme power. All we need is hope and the world will be at our feet. - A.S

And when I've gone completely insane, hating everything you are and all we've become I see myself running to you as I run away from u. - A.S

This life's filled with temptations, it's terrifying how much can actually go wrong. It's a life filled with beautiful lies. - A.S

I am who I am because I was who I was and will forever be.- A.S

If you decide to put up with the crap you're given then don't complain. DO SOMETHING about it! - A.S

Some times the closest person to you is the most blind to your pain. - A.S

It's never a good-bye. It's always a "Let me see if I can survive without u". And I never can. - A.S

Breaking out of a world that no longer makes sense. And how could it make sense when it's not a happy a place.- A.S

When I go, they won't talk about my life as if it were a story, they'll talk about it as if it were a legendary tale - A.S

You must run into your dreams before they run you over. - A.S


We are all dancers performing for what we believe in, in hopes of being a beautiful memory with a glorious future. - A.S

I know I deserve better, but I'm wise enough to know that I don't always know best or how to get to the better. - A.S

Some times u don't need to be awesome to be awesome. Some times the awesomeness is just there. - A.S

And if you thought I'd be here when you woke up, you'd be wrong. I have a life to live & not much time to do it in. - A.S

"I had told you my pain." She said. "I heard you" he replied. "Yes, but did your really listen?" She asks.-

You're most beautiful the moment you decide to see yourself for whom you really are. -

In another life we would have broken each other's hearts in a painfully beautiful manner. - A.S

What I don't want is to be without what I dream of, without what I so bluntly need. - A.S

Love is to give, giving until you have nothing more to give, expecting something in return will make you weak, perhaps even fragile. Don't do that to yourself. - A.S

I would love you with all of my intensity and passion even if I saw myself bleeding because of it. - A.S

Why are you in love, if the love in you is no longer there? Dig up your fantasies & your dreams and share them with the one who cares.-A.S

If you want to make a difference in the world, first thing u must do is make a difference to your own world, shake your own inner identity. A.S

Where your head lies just before you're in bed, where your thoughts roam, that's who u truly r, & that's what u truly want. - A.S 

Love isn't something u take, it's something u earn after you've given enough, something u yearn for to keep you breathing. - A.S

When you find that person that sees into your soul, only then u won't be racing to bed to dream of something u already hold in ur hands when ur wide awake. - A.S