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October 31, 2011

Rising up as Egyptians and moving ahead.

The changing of Egypt has only begun. It's now in a phase where the people of Egypt are moulding it into what they have dreamed it to be for so long. It's hard to realize that there are many Egyptians who don't want Egypt to rise from the grave, many who want to divide the population and destroy the hand of the revolution.

There's a saying that goes like this, " It can only get worse, before it gets better."

Why are we surprised that there's still corruption in our country? That chaos has spread like a wild disease? Look at it like this, pretend that all this chaos is poison being sucked out of the Egyptian system. It's no mystery that now more than ever there will be crime, there will be a great economic depression and a sense of being lost but that's only because we are traveling from one point of destination that was doomed for eternal damnation to a new era of unexplored places, hungry for freedom and democracy. 

It's been said that Egyptians are not ready for democracy, it's been stated that over 70% of the Egyptian population earns less that $2 U.S per day, which has left millions hungry, ignorant and selfish. But I say screw statistics and quotes by hypocritical politicians. If anyone has made those people hungry and ignorant it was the old corrupt regime. I don't recall any country being naturally successful with no crimes or wars or revolutionary histories. We as Egyptians have took a step in the right direction, we've used our surroundings, our Internet, our voices, cameras, our phones and all technologies that the older generation had been ridiculing for the past decade and we went ahead and did something remarkable with it.

We have now learned to speak our minds and express our feelings and thoughts in a way the world never had and I beg that we continue to do so in everything we try to accomplish. I will not sit here and debate each and every single event that's happened in Egypt since the last president stepped down. I will not discuss the churches burning, the protests for women's rights, Christian's rights or Muslim rights. I will not mention anything about the Muslim brotherhood or about the Liberalists. I will not talk about the people who were randomly detained because of their blogs or their videos on youtube. I will leave that to your personal opinion.

I don't know what's going on all the time and I don't understand everything either, but I know this. I know that we all need to pull our voices together again and act like we are ONE NATION. We need to stop 'talking' about how united we are and start 'acting' like it.  Yes the whole Mubarak trial is a big issue, yes we are billions in debt and yes a lot of things about the army, the media and the way things have been run are very shady. 

But do we want to sit around and point fingers at who got us here, stomping our feet for the millions stolen that we know we can never have back? Or perhaps it would be better to shrug it off, stand up and start doing something about. We need to start looking around us, our homes, our streets, our schools, the crappy educational systems that has us all walking around like sheep, the traffic, the unsafe roads or how about the hospitals that provide the most appalling services to it's own citizens.

I will not criticize those who believe I am wrong about my own ideas, in fact I respect every opinion there is out there as long as it's conveyed respectfully, but I want to know something. I want to know what is our plan to get up and walk ahead.

Maybe this might help; there is corruption in the biggest of companies and organizations, in the most successful of businesses and in the most powerful Nations. I know we all know that's no surprise.
So when someone sits with me, bragging about how perfect or peaceful Britain or the U.S are,  how amazingly perfect Europe is I can easily tell them with all confidence that I know better. These countries are civilized, their citizens have the luxury provided to them by their leaders and governments to have a voice, to have a decent lifestyle with decent earnings. Their countries haven't become 3rd world countries after once being 1st world countries. Any citizen put in the circumstances of those suffering from poverty in any place in the world, with no education and no food would end up bitter, ignorant and lost.

You see where we are now isn't our origin. We are originally a historical and brilliant nation. I am not hooting our own horn here believe me. I'm stating facts. I'm saying that we have made history once again, like we were born to and no matter how much time passes by, how bad the situation at hand gets we must not forget that.

So what do I think we should be focussing on now? Well I know that the major issue we should be studying carefully is the next election for the Egyptian presidency. We need to know who's running for president and what do they have to offer Egypt that no body else can with one honest and real intention in mind which is putting the Egyptian's best interest at heart.

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