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"You can do anything, you just have to dress for it."
Edith Head

a.s x

September 9, 2011

Still life without you.

With loneliness I sit, and share a warm cup
of coffee.
It seems like my cracked heart is bleeding and its windows
have shattered.
The weaves in my wounds have remained
Through the seasons
I have stayed behind it seems,
to watch life grow
Sadly I still miss you.
Time corners me, grabs me by the wrist
only to stare me in the eyes  and
breath down my neck.
Your name through my veins is now clogged.
The grass outside, doesn't grow anymore,
its color has gone. I no longer
bother to leave the house, because
I am alone.
Emptiness and I have become close friends,
the                                  gap
between us is sure closing.
We both sit in silence.
A relationship that doesn't need work.
And this new  friend of mine,
  I know for sure,
will never leave me still wanting, still needing.

a.s x

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