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September 26, 2011

Dareen Hakim Designs

" Dareen was born in Beirut and grew up enveloped in a culture vibrant with the ancient beauty and sensual poetry of Lebanese life. Influenced by Lebanon’s dynamic landscape, a magical swirl of archaeological ruins juxtaposed with gleaming glassy high-rises, Dareen became dually intrigued by the fluid mosaic of modern fashion set against the country’s historical backdrop. This contrast of old and new influences her still today, contributing to the mix of authenticity and modern elegance in her coveted designs.
Sumptuous leathers, arabesque calligraphy, dramatic hues – all form the basis of style behind each Dareen Hakim creation. Celebrating at once tradition and function, her debut collection’s clutches enjoy a favored status among women inspired to carry a contagiously cool piece of art, one that instantly communicates both warmth and chic. " (Quoted from Dareen's page )

Here are some of my favorite bags from her collection. I love the colors, the textures and the originality of each piece. 

Le Capri Marble

Le Icon Emerald Clutch

Le Icon Cream Clutch

Le Icon Onyx Croc Clutch

Le Icon Dune Clutch

Le Icon Black Python Clutch

Le Icon Emerald Clutch

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