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September 26, 2011

For ladies rockin' the veil with style. . You must do it also with Modesty!

When you choose to become veiled I think it means that you choose to not want to grab any unwanted attention, by that I mean, physical, sexual, negative and anything else that is regarded as wrong in our religion.

There are certain pieces of clothes that bring this unwanted attention no matter what you do, whether you're doing it on purpose or not. The whole idea behind the veil, and behind covering yourself as a Muslim woman according to our holy Qur'an is not to wear something that is SKIN TIGHT, OR TRANSPARENT. But of course as humans we tend to think we can outsmart people, or ourselves and get away with wearing things that are skin tight and transparent.

No matter what you're thinking there are certain things you just can't wear no matter a) how tall you are b) how pretty you are c) how skinny you are d) what the occasion is or e) how fashionable it is. You are now officially representing ISLAM. You need to look modest and beautiful. God loves what is beautiful, not what is slutty.

So here's a list of things you JUST CAN'T WEAR!

1) Leggings ! ! : ( I don't care how hot it is, or how skinny you think you are, or how good you think you look in them. Leggings are meant to be worn at home! I don't even know why ANYONE wears them, they look cheap! And the word cheap wasn't used by me, I actually heard it from a guy. Leggings are the same thing as stockings, you're not fooling anyone!)

2) Skin tight Carina tops: You shouldn't wear skin tight Carina tops underneath you're soirée dress, or your summer beach dress, or a tank top or anything really that will make you reveal the exact measurements of any body part, even if it's your arms, chest, shoulders or neckline.

3) Transparent blouses or dresses: It's called transparent also known as SEE- THROUGH because WE CAN ALL SEE THROUGH IT! I don't think I NEED to say more.

4) Skinny jeans: This might be a shocker for some of you but they are called skinny for a reason and that's because they are skin tight and get even tighter as it goes down to your ankles. Now in Islam I believe God does NOT say " And for you who are skinny and tall, or just skinny , you are allowed to wear skinny jeans because you have skinny legs." The rules are the same for everyone. Just like God DIDN'T say " Oh you who have nice luscious hair, cover it and for those with yucky hair, it's ok, you may reveal it, no one will look at you anyway." We don't make up the rules, we just follow them.

and last but not least

5) Shirts that are up to your elbows: You need to cover the rest of your hand up to your palms. Yes your hands and your elbow count as skin.

I don't mean to offend anyone at all. It just bothers me to see so many girls walking around wearing whatever they want and then throwing on a scarf and being labelled as veiled. You ladies are the image of Islam and an image for the rest of us, please keep it clean. Follow our group on Facebook; For Ladies rockin the veil with modesty . 

a.s x

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