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February 28, 2012

Ladies, Run your own world.

I remember a time when love was easy, relationships were taken day by day. When the words "I love you" actually meant something serious and couldn't be said unless they were really felt and not just a way to jump into something serious. Yes today, because of the stressful society we live in, the pushy families and the nagging mothers, many people end up in a relationship just because they're expected to. Many girls who are in their mid 20's and still single are not constantly showered with questions about why their not seriously involved with someone yet, but also suspect that something might be wrong with them. That it's 'not normal' to be single when you're that age, as if these girls are in their 40's and even then I believe it's not an issue, because it's not about the age. Of course given the double standard society we live in, it's okay to be a guy and be well in your thirties and not be questioned as to why you're not married yet.

But I wil not go into this guy/girl hypocrisy issue. I want to focus on all the ladies out there who feel bad about themselves because they're expected to control  and plan something so incredibly uncontrollable or predictable. Ladies, if you have not found that one person who makes you want to escape your dreams to wake up and be with him, and if that's what you're looking for, then don't settle for less just because society says so. It's painful to see so many beautiful, young, inspiring women who are held back from living their lives, discovering their career paths and loving themselves because of the time they waste being with someone or chasing some relationship that they don't even want to be with or in because they're made to feel too old and feel rushed to get serious and settle down. 

Believe it or not rushing into a marriage you don't want, will make you miserable and you'll still not have pleased everyone around you. They'll nag about when you want to have kids, and then which schools you'l take them to, and then which colleges and then they'll criticize you for not working and being a stay-at-home mum, or for going to work and they'll say you could be neglecting your kids and your husband.
So, it will be best to just always do what makes you feel comfortable and happy. Live by your own guidelines and morals. The rules and expectations of our community change, and they're not based on religion or anything logic for that matter, it's a male dominated culture and it needs a wake up call. 

As a women you need to think about your needs and your future, living the life you know you want and deserve. It's a beautiful thing to do what you want to do and love it. It does need guts, and strong will but it will become part of who you are and it send a message to all those people out there who can't control their own lives and so they try to control others' that you will not let anyone navigate your dreams to theirs for you. 

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