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January 15, 2012

Best & worst gowns worn by celebrities in 2012. . . so far ! (According to your truly . . Me!)

These gowns were worn at different events till now. To be honest, in my head I thought 2012 would be more glamorous, more fashionable and elegant. Yes fashion is all about personal style and taste. . but so far with all these events going on most of these hollywood celebs are driving me insane with some of their dress choices! But on the other hand, the make up and the hair styles seem to me like their a few steps ahead of he rest of the wardrobe.

The dresses were a total NO-NO for me!

This dress makes her look like a belly dancer. IT DOES!

I think she thinks she's still 12?

No I couldn't find a seprate picture of her. Blue leather?? 
Looks very . . cheap.

I think she's too muscley to pull this dress off. Toooo tight too.

This is probably one of the worst dresses I've ever seen. 
Looks like something my grandma would wear without that huge gap area in the chest.

I have  a lot to comment on here. But I'll stick with the dress issue.
It's just Blah!

No sparkly grey dress, uneven ends . . I don't know 
what's going on here. 

This is probably one of the cheapest looking dress I've ever seen.
Terrible. . . and that face . . those injections. . aren't helping that dress look any more graceful. 
There was a picture of it from the back but I couldn't do that to you guys it's horrifying!

The flower power dress. . . need I say more?

I always thought she was beautiful and had great taste in dresses. 

Until I saw this. 

No comment 

This is horrific.

Too tight, too ugly.

This dress makes her look like she's 60's.

Which century is this dress from?

a.s x

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