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"You can do anything, you just have to dress for it."
Edith Head

a.s x

August 13, 2011

The Fashion Cloud

What I love about Fashion is that I do truly believe that it is a way for us to express ourselves, how we feel, what we love, what we stand for and who we want to be. And for me no matter how hard the fashion industry itself succeeds in convincing the rest of the world that beauty is what 'they' decide it to be, the definition of fashion and beauty will always be what I believe it should be. And so I wrote a little poem, something I learned to do at University after years of studying poetry and the power of expression.

The Fashion Cloud

Once upon a fashion cloud

Gathered the anorexic model crowd

In hope to be what they do not know

A voice calls out

‘Let’s begin the show’

In rows they stand bent and pale

Armed with nicotine 

their strut is frail.

On YouTube we find the show is aired

The artist sings and the speakers blare.

What they wear is another story

Some of sorrow some of glory

Fashion is "an expression" they say

A way to be

But it seems that the only expression
I maintain
Is the one you give to me.

Dresses so short,

Jeans so tight,

Panties so thin you can see it all through the

There’s only one message received

A goal achieved

An industry designed to create the belief

Your  skin is cheap.

a.s x

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